WBC Orders for US Pool Play Deadline: MARCH 3. Opening Day Deadline: MAR 17.
WBC Orders for US Pool Play Deadline: MARCH 3. Opening Day Deadline: MAR 17.
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About Lucia Footwear Co.

Lucia Footwear Co. is a New York-based footwear design service that provides hand-painted designs and artwork for all types of footwear. Lucia Footwear is owned and operated by Anthony De Lucia.

Anthony is a 24 year-old who has an obsession with two main things: baseball and sneakers. Ant has been involved in baseball his entire life. He played at a regionally ranked high school, and was the Captain, Vice President, and President of his college Club Baseball team. As a kid, Anthony collected thousands of baseball cards, memorizing and reciting the statistics of his favorite players for hours on end every day.

On the flip side, Anthony has been collecting sneakers since he was 13; learning the ins and outs of the sneaker market and the history of nearly every new and classic sneaker. The sneaker culture has had a huge impact on his life, having bought, sold, traded, and worn hundreds of sneakers over the course of the decade.

In 2017, Anthony began painting baseball cleats and sneakers for close friends as a hobby while pursuing a Finance degree. With minimal art experience and a kitchen table and snack pantry as his painting studio, the makeshift shoe gig grew beyond anybody's imagination.

Within just a few months, players from the teams Anthony grew up rooting for began to reach out on his new and slightly comical Instagram page. As a fan of the sport, this experience was surreal for Anthony. What was even more amazing, was that he was being paid by these people to create something for them to wear, enjoy, and cherish.

4 years later, Anthony has had the opportunity to have his custom work on the feet of thousands of collegiate, amateur, and professional baseball and football athletes, and collaborate with some of the most notable brands and influencers on social media and in sports. Anthony specializes as a MLB-Approved Footwear Designer, working with players and teams across all 30 organizations.

With the support of many friends, clients, customers, and organizations, Anthony's college side hustle has turned into his full time dream job.