How do I order?

Please visit our Store Pages. By placing an order, you agree to our Terms of Service.

What determines the cost of custom artwork?

The main factors include the amount of time required to complete the customization process, the cost of materials required to complete the order, and  most importantly the intricacy of the design. Prices are non-negotiable and may vary based on any details requested by the client, or required to properly fulfill the requested design.

Does Lucia Footwear Co. supply the footwear for customization?

For Custom Orders ONLY, each order includes the footwear pictured. HOWEVER, for all Private or Theme Orders, the client must supply the shoe, or depending on availability, we can supply the shoe and add those costs to your custom order. Lucia Footwear Co. LLC reserves the right to supply, sell, and resell cleats, sneakers or any of our provided services and products at any determined price per our New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax Certifications. All shoes must be brand new or like new. Any shoes not suitable for customization will be mailed back at the client's expense. Any additional footwear we have in stock will be listed in our shop.

How long do orders take to be fulfilled?

Turnaround times for all custom artwork orders will be posted and updated daily on the homepage. The stated turnaround time starts from from the day Lucia Footwear Co. receives the clients' footwear. Turnaround time is subject to change based on time of year and order volume. Turnaround times may also change or canceled without notice to the client for any reason deemed necessary by Lucia Footwear Co. in order to properly provide or not provide our services for your specific order. Although waiting extra time for your custom order may be frustrating, you are purchasing hand-painted products, and to ensure the highest quality possible, may require extra time depending on requested or purchased artwork, adjustments, outstanding payments, etc. If you have placed a Rush Order on your custom project and we have accepted and agreed to the completion date, the specific date agreed upon will be honored to the absolute best of our capability, or else we will refund the rush processing costs in full. However, there are still no refunds, returns, exchanges, or credits given for this situation.

 ​Can I actually wear/play in my custom footwear?

Yes, all footwear goes through a rigorous process and are painted using flexible, durable, non-cracking paints, primers, sealers, and treatments, all to ensure that the artwork is as durable as possible and will withstand being worn casually or athletically. However, all custom footwear is still subject to being scuffed and damaged, just as any other footwear. 

Do you put cleats on the bottoms of shoes?

No, we do not put cleated bottoms on any footwear.

Can I return my custom order?

Please read our Return Policy.

Why have I not received my order?

All tracking information and photos will be sent to you once the item is mailed back to you following completion. Once the order is shipped out of our facility, Lucia Footwear Co. is no longer responsible for the misplacement of your order. Each shipment will be insured to the full respected value of the order, product and customization in all.  We will follow up with the stated shipping provider if your order is lost and contact you ASAP with updates. All orders are shipped via USPS, FedEx, or UPS depending on requested shipping speed and destination.